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While industry awards and accolades are exciting; earning them means setting the minimum standards for a job done exceptionally well. We aim to continue raising those standards by consistently offering superior personalized services to all of our clients, no matter the size or complexity of their project. Because for us here at It's Not All Anchors and Roses, your satisfaction is the most valuable prize we can earn! Make an appointment today and let us demonstrate our commitment to you and your project.

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  • Heather M.

    "I love the shop and the artist. He is awesome makes you feel very comfortable, plus he is super funny. The quality of the work is great. No complaints out of this girl. I love my tattoo!!!"

  • Shawn R.

    "He's an amazing artist. He does excellent work and he's a great guy. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that wants an awesome tattoo."

  • Wendy B.

    "Happy that we finally have a good place in town for great tattoos! Justin is great, Really nice guy and knows what he's doing! Can't wait for more ink!"

  • Michelle W.

    "I got my first tattoo there and it was an amazing experience, awesome tattoo and I'm excited to get more tattoos there."

From a young age Justin "Chopper" Kjellstadli had developed an interest in the arts and as he grew older it became a passion for the tattoo industry! Traveling for over ten years pursuing his craft led to multiple apprenticeships and a tattoo portfolio that spans five states! With experience gained Justin has returned to his hometown and is fulfilling his dream of opening his own studio!